Allow online/credit card payment for library fines

Allow library fines to be paid online or at check-out with credit cards. This will increase cash flow, rather than waiting months to collect.


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    Community Member

    But you're already going to the library to pick up the CD's that your ripping to iTunes...

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    Community Member

    The library would then have to pay the merchant fee to the credit card company for processing.

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    Community Member

    Raise the fees for late fees and allow for online processing.

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    Community Member ( Idea Submitter )

    add in the merchant fee for convenience. They do this for parking tickets.

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    Community Member

    The late fees are going up to 25 cents per day on November 1.

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    Community Member

    I agree with the idea, and about adding in the processing fee for folks who pay online. It's not much and I bet most folks will pay it no problem. This one's a no-brainer.

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    Community Member

    This is a great idea. Add a convenience fee to offset any fees from the credit card companies. You could also can add an option for giving a donation and or paying fines. Patrons could round their fines up to the next dollar amount or even give more if they would like!

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    Community Member

    I would raise the fees for books that are late to include the3.5% transaction cost -- then a credit card online would be easy and cost effective.