Collect outstanding parking fine debts

Collect the $52 million on outstanding parking fines reported on by KIRO-TV in February.


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    Community Member

    Sounds like a good idea, but how much will it cost to do this? It may be a money losing effort, especially if you can't get people to pay.

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    Community Member

    Offer people who owe fines to pay them off with volunteer services. Hook them up with some of the programs that are facing budget cuts.

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    Community Member

    Parking officers can easily determine if a car parked overtime owes parking fines. If the total equals some large amount they should be able to boot the car or have it towed. Unpaid fines would evaporate.

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    Community Member

    This is in the budget already, as part of the increase in rates. It actually goes a step further: there is an additional penalty for racking up a ton of tickets. Check page 18 of the summary ( It reads:

    Currently more than 27,000 vehicles with four or more outstanding parking violations, totaling more than $15 million

    * City will begin affixing an immobilizing boot to scofflaw vehicle

    * Unlike current impounding practices, to remove the boot, drivers of scofflaw vehicles will be required to pay a fee as well as make arrangements to pay underlying scofflaw offenses