Effective government

Combine DPD with Dept of Neighborhoods!

And streamline both, heading the new Dept with a professional with an appropriate background in the subject matter of buildings/engineering (what a concept!) and who also gets CUSTOMER SERVICE and not barely literate party hacks/dolts.


Anyone who has dealt with either (or gasp, both) knows that you quickly enter into a Kafkaesque world of bureaucratic insanity and inflexibility over meaningless minitiuae with "public servants" who start off with an adversarial attitude from the get-go. Oh, and you have to pay 1000s in permit fees for the privilege to be insulted by obese staffers.


Trying to describe the experience with these depts is like describing Hell to someone who's never been. DPD requires one thing (say energy retrofits and window replacements) and Landmarks requires the exact opposite, opting for 80-yr old single-pane cracked-up leaky windows to be left exactly the same. Just because. And they won't talk to each other, and so a small business is in limbo and cannot open for business for over a year and incurs over $50K in "process" costs alone, over something so mundane!


Even the Louvre, Taj Mahal and Sistine Chapel undergo renovation from time to time. And believe me, "I knew Jack Kennedy and these are no Jack Kennedys." It seems that Landmarks would rather have those neighborhoods full of dilapidated eyesores because the dept if filled with little old ladies (male and female) who "just love old buildings." But of course, none have ever invested a dime of their money in one or in creating any jobs.


Seattle - the City where you're a hero for riding a bike, hiking in the parks (all tax-free activities) and creating no jobs. And you're a goat for daring to try anything different.



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