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Combine .gov Web sites, to reduce waste, and increase efficiency!

Combine .GOV Web sites, to reduce waste, and increase efficiency!


I don't know how many times I tried to find information about something -- maybe just about a Park! or a License! or Permit! -- but detailed information was spread all over the place, on multiple Web sites, and in multiple locations.


Some Web designers today try to keep a page looking "clean" by removing all but some basic info, and then make us click on a bazillion links to get all the rest of the info, when it could have simply been all on ONE page, or on a FEW pages! This is frustrating, and a waste of time, as we have to hunt around, and as each Web page has to load each time we click a new link!


Keep multiple Domain names, if you want, BUT have them all point to the SAME info location! all in one place!


Many times, information is duplicated from place to place; this is a duplication of labor, and costs us something each time someone does it.


Don't delete all the extra info, located on multiple sites. Just move it all into one, complete, intelligently-designed, easy-to-use, and easy-to-FIND place!


Combine government-information Web sites, to increase efficiency, and reduce waste!



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