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Combine management, billing and accounting fuctions at City Light and SPU. Why does City Light, SPU and Office of Housing all run their own utility rebate and energy efficiency programs? Why does the city need an Office of Housing department when there is already the public Seattle Housing Authority with much the same mission?


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    Why does the Department of Neighborhoods also take payments for City Light, etc? They pay rent for something like 7-13 offices throughout the City, that house ONLY 2 or 3 City employees at best-BUT City Light ALREADY HAS 2 of there VERY own offices THAT SERVES THE EXACT SAME FUNCTION? SO our TAX dollars go to these 7 offices and these employees in them-to make it more convenient for people to pay their bills in person?

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    start by combining the Fire Department HR and EEO and MIS positons - they are reduntant and do the exact same thing as the City's functions

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    I already combine my payments to City Lite ans SPU by stapling the invoices together and writing one check. I'd like to receive a single billing.

    I'm not aware that I can pay online or have automatic deductions from my bank account. It would reduce paper handling enormously.