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Homelessness is pervasive in suburban areas of Seattle as well as downtown. Some churches step up and host Tent Cities (which provide secure communities for some of those with no place to live and keep the problem before the public eye). Their members assist with food, clothing, and shelter, while other citizens name-call and verbally kick people who are down. The city should continue to fund SHARE, which advocates for the homeless citizens of our city. We are our brothers' keepers.


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    SHARE as an organization courts controversy, and has for years. Its financial bookkeeping is far from transparent, it does not keep data about its clients, and it has a very long history of angering its neighbors with its tactics. It currently operates with very little oversight, and for the last two years has bypassed nearly all public process to work in stealth mode with churches, which have a shield law in WA state. This is an extremely poor model for our shelter system, and is extremely vulnerable to corruption and exploitation. Our homeless deserve better.

    I fully agree that we need to continue to fund the emergency shelter system. But SHARE is the wrong group to manage it. The city's money and shelter management needs to either be turned over to a responsible group whose sole function is to run these shelters, or they need to make this a city-run service, rather than contracting it out.

    SHARE would still be able to maintain its activist goals, but would need to rely on private donations to do so, like every other activist group should. It is a conflict of interest to be taking city money to run shelters while also organizing protests and lobbying for permanent shantytowns.

    Are you listening, city council?