Customer Service Bureau Wasteful and Ridiculous Staff Salaries


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I suggest you look at the outrageous salaries of the Customer Service Bureau staff, with a specific eye on the Director and Supervisor positions. In 2007, the Director's salary almost doubled with no additional responsibilities and a "supervisor" position was added to supervise 3 Complaint investigators and 2 admin staff.This supervisor position is totally unnecessary and was rejected as such by Personnel for years.


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    Why even have this division? Why do we need a go-between between the public and the individual city departments? Can't the public just contact the departments directly with any issues?

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    Probably because most people don't know the correct department to contact. They have always provided me with good direction in a system that can be confusing and down right unresponsive. Speak for yourselves.

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    I like the CSB and find it helpful to have one phone number to call for questions I have about the city. I find them really valuable.

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    The director left and started working for the Law Department. There is no current director and it's not being filled. There is nobody to cut. Yes, there is one supervisor for the entire department.