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Cut Consultants such as Cathy Allen's firm

Cut out the high paid consultants who do the work for the City that employees are hired to do. It is a culture that dates back to kickbacks. What is Cathy Allen doing that an employee can not do? And if you did an audit of her invoices and publicized them the taxpayers would be angry. What about Mr. Hawaii who was paid thousands to do what you hired new directors to do in SPU? And the wasted millions for training and retraining and training and retraining Seattle's police force. Why is Parks and Recreation still watering grass in 2010 sometimes even in the rainy season?


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    Too many subjects in this suggestion. What on earth does watering grass have to do with the consultants issue?

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    Wrote this before I knew what I was doing. Mr. Hawaii is a consultant that lives in Hawaii and the City pays for him to commute. I resubmitted in the the correct category. I am learning how to use these systems so forgive me.

    Watering grass has nothing to do with consultant issue.