Public safety

Fire Department Operations Battalion Chief position

I suggest not follow the Mayor's proposal to cut a Operations Battalion Chief position - a position that provides service to all of Capital Hill and the downtown core. Operations provides fire and life safety services to the Citizens of seattle. It should be considered an essential service.

Everything and anything must be elimiated before you reduce the Fire Department emergency operations

Eliminate the Fire Department's "Communications Director" - who supervises ONE public information officer.

Eliminate the Assistant Chief of Risk Management - who supervising ONE Deputy Chief.

Eliminate the Wellness - Fitness strategic adviser position - the Seattle Fire Department doesn't even have a wellness/fitness program. The City refuses to fund it. This position has NO responsibilities.

Eliminate the 1.5 million dollars the Fire Department spends on overtime for Medics and Marine personnel to attend basic training that could be provided at NO additional cost by the on-duty Battalion Chiefs.

The Fire Department spends in excess of 6 million dollars in overtime for training.



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