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Focus on Key Arena and McCaw Hall in the Seattle Center Budget!

Besides parking, Key Arena and McCaw Hall are the top sources of revenue in the Seattle Center Budget. Focus on maintaining the programs that both venues provide in order to continue to gain the same amount of revenue or possibly increase the revenue. That way, our city can better financially support the smaller, less expensive programs, such as Teen Tix or Winterfest, that provide less expensive, generally free entertainment and recreational options for the majority of families affected by the recession. These programs are not gaining enough revenue but should not be cut simply because most families benefit from such programs in financially difficult times. Instead, cut from the Campus Grounds Budget Level or the Access Budget Control Level. If we cut from Campus Grounds or Access Budgets, then yes, Seattle Center will be affected. Maybe we clear garbage once a week rather than twice. Maybe we cut hours from parking garages or lower security during non-peak hours. In either case, it's better to cut from these branches rather than from the actual programs that attract and will continue to attract visitors to Seattle Center if we preserve them- which we can do if we continue to gain the same amount of revenue or possibly gain more revenue by supporting Key Arena and McCaw Hall.



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