Keep the South Park branch library open

Please, please, please don't close the South Park branch library! It is one small step toward equality for South Park's citizens, and it is SUCH an important resource!!!


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    Community Member

    While I fully understand the need to propose citywide budget cuts, closing the South Park library would serve as a double-whammy of bad news for the neighborhood; The recent bridge closure being the first. As is stands, South Park is hanging on the balance,

    I bought a house in SP prior to the construction if the library. It has done wonders for the community and serves as a nice hub of civic activities. Best if all, it's provided a welcome refuge for South Park's youth population.

    Keep it open. For those of you unfamiliar with the library; I welcome you to drive to the library and see for yourself. The library is a case-study in wisely-allocated funds that leads to neighborhood improvements.

    Eric Cooley

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    Community Member

    Does Seattle want to buy out all citizens of South Park and just relocate us? Closing the library is a very very bad idea for this poor neighborhood, battered down by neglect already.

    This library that I live next to is very busy and one of the only visible positive investments in this community.

    You can be certain this issue will affect who I vote for.

    -Deborah Semer

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    Community Member

    Keep the Library Open. closing it is an extremely bad idea.

    Angel Hanson

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    Community Member

    The South Park Library is vital to the families of south park! Our community has sufferred too much loss given the closure of the bridge. We need our community resources in South Park. Do not close the library!

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    DON"T CLOSE THIS BRANCH!! It is well utlized by many members of the community. If this branch was to close you would be removing a life line for many people. This is not the way!

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    Community Member

    Do NOT close this branch, in these desperate times and this disastrous economy the Library is a critically helpful tool for people to have free Internet access to look for job opportunities, and for so many other more obvious reasons! If you must make budget cuts, create shortened hours for all libraries but do not close any neighborhood libraries please!

  7. Comment
    Community Member

    Ok really? First local governments can't get their act together to come up with a replacement plan before the bridge had to be you are threatening to close our library. This library is utilized by so many in the community. Getting the library located here was a major community achievement. You can not take our library away from us!

    Brian Andersen

    Donovan street

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    Community Member

    Please do not close the South Park Library. I can't think of a more discouraging, defeatist, depressing decision than that, if it were to happen...This library means so much to this community -it is one of the few concrete indicators we have that the city hasn't completely forgotten about us....

    Leigh Lennox

    Donovan Street

  9. Comment
    Community Member

    Please keep this library open! The community fought for over 90 years to GET the library in the first place; now it is here and much loved and used.

    Closing this branch would be a true travesty. I know closing ANY branch is a sad prospect, but this one MUST remain open.


    former S. Park resident

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    Community Member

    one of the most significant signs of a civilization is its libraries.

  11. Comment
    Community Member

    and the city can still afford the ridiculous Blue Angels and not the library...?!

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    Community Member

    My first reaction after my blood running cold is, you have got to be kidding. Are you really so completely clueless about how awful you look after neglecting South Park and closing the bridge? Well, how you look is your business, I guess.

    Our business in South Park is nurturing ourselves and each other. The South Park library is a lifeline for our family and our community, and one of the few connections we have with the rest of the city. If you must close libraries, which in my opinion is an idiotic response, then close one where another library is easily accessible nearby. Not in an isolated neighborhood.

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    Community Member

    You know I was just in the library the other day and I noticed all the young schoolkids utilizing this wonderful place... and one in particular seemed to really like asking the librarian questions. She was so patient with this 8 year old, and you could tell that this child felt very much at home there. FABULOUS PLACE for South Park. NECESSARY RESOURCE!

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    Community Member

    Closing the only safe, public place for kids in South Park? Please, please do not even go there. In fact, it should be maintained or expanded hours

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    Community Member

    As a college student in South Park, I rely on the library as a place where I can access resources (librarians being the best resource libraries provide!), conduct research and quietly study. I sorely miss it on Sundays when it is closed. Every day I am there, I am greatly outnumbered by the children of South Park who rely on this center. Do not underestimate the needs of South Park, our library serves a vital function in our isolated community.

  16. Comment
    Community Member

    If you read the mayor's budget, you will see that it does not propose closing any of the libraries; all libraries will retain the same open hours as they do now. Unfortunately what will happen is that some of the smaller libraries will not have any reference staff on site except during story times.

  17. Comment
    Community Member

    I do not live in the South Park neighborhood, but I use our library a lot! Every neighborhood should have a thriving public library. Please do not cut branch libraries. If we care about our future we need to care especially for the young people from babies through the teen years exposure to literacy is so important!

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    Community Member

    The South Park Library is not closing. It is just losing librarians. Clerical staff will run the building. However, the loss of librarians in the building is significant. While clerical staff is great, they are not trained to help people wade through information - something immigrants in particular need help with increasingly.....