Let the folks who play golf pay for golf course upgrades!

Don't spend $3.4 million on a new driving range for the West Seattle Golf course!


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    Community Member

    Golf players are already paying for the upgrades. Golf is one of the only profitable parks budget line items. Golf players are paying for the upgrades, as well as a lot of other (less profitable and non-golf-related) parks activities.

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    Community Member ( Idea Submitter )

    And don't go ahead and spend the money for a driving range after presenting a design that many golfers don't even like and actually think will ruin the course!

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    Community Member

    If you can demonstrate that this upgrade can be a profit-generator for the city in the short term (1-5 years) go for it, otherwise nix it.

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    Community Member

    I play golf, and I agree. I should pay for golf course upgrades. Library users should pay for library upgrades. Zoo goers should pay for zoo upgrades.

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    Community Member

    Why on earth is the city in the golf business? Providing entertainment for citizens is hardly a proper function of the government? This is completely absurd. I'm sorry if the average Joe can't afford to join a country club, but that still doesn't make running golf courses a proper function of the government.

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    Community Member

    Plow the golf courses, plant the fields, feed the homeless. It's a disgusting excuse for a 'sport'.