Library parking into rental lot when not in use


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Turn the library's parking lots into pay lots at night and on Sundays' when they're closed.


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    Community Member

    wouldnt this require staffing and salaries and insurance ? Dont be so sure this would be a money maker....

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    Community Member

    This seems like an additional idea to help generate money for the City. Charge less than the prevailing rates, a public reduced rate; I think would generate more interest.

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    Community Member

    You could contract out the service so that they were responsible. Make sure that it is cost effective and not spending more than is brought in.

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    Community Member

    Oversight of the parking garage at the Central library is contracted out and it is open when the library is closed.

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    Community Member

    The city probably self-insures the first million or so of its liability exposure so insurance isn't a really huge deal. Set up self-pay boxes, and one or two people can go around town and make the collections each day, or contracting out is a reasonable way to go too.

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    Community Member

    Could also make money selling the couple hundred city carpool parking spots under the freeway. If you charged the low end of market rate (10 - 12 a day)for the close to 100-200 empty spots, you'd make anywhere from $300,000 - 750,000 dollars a year.