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Mayor's Budget

I suggest that you find creative ways to save the money you need to keep every current City of Seattle person employed. No cuts, no closing of Neighborhood Sevice Centers, no renting out of the QA Community Center gym. Keep the valuable programs and people in Parks and DON! Quit picking on certain Departments/programs over others!

So how? Spread the burden to every single employee and department. E.g., reduce everyone to 7/8 time, 3/4 time. How much would that save over the approx 11,000 employees? Would that keep the city's valuable programs running? Another idea is to require every employee to take one week of vacation without pay. How much would that save? Work with the Unions and all Departments to have something that is fair for all, but asks that everyone, including the Mayor and City Council, and Department Heads share in "the pain."

How can you in good conscience lay anyone off if you haven't explored a creative solution? How can you add to our city and state's unemployment roles? How can you put people in jeopardy of losing their homes, their health care (after Cobra?) etc.! Would you want this to happen to you or would you want people to care enough to find a different, creative solution?

Do what's right...find that creative, equitable solution!!!



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