No more suggest traffic speed signs!

Immediately stop any further funding or future installation of those ridiculous new lighted signs that supposed regulate traffic speeds on I-5. The first time I saw them, all northbound lanes were inching along at about 3-5 mph and the signs were brightly lit, indicating we should be going 45. The next time I drove up the same stretch -- just south of downtown Seattle -- it was the same ridiculousness, The lit indicated speed bore no resemblance whatsoever to the speeds actually being traveled. Why in the world was any money at all spent on such a silly, inaccurate system?


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    That's a WSDOT project, I believe. The city has nothing to do with it.

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    This is not a city function. But the signs are probably a waste of money by the state. It would be better to have many more signs suggesting tuning to 5230AM or ?FM to receive real-time traffic information. Not everyone has GPS-enabled traffic reports. Commercial radio reports are not timely enough.

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    What should be done with ideas like this? It doesn't belong here (it discusses a state function, not a city one). Is there a way to flag a post for deletion by the moderators?