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Pilot the senior program at Magnuson vs. Laurelhurst

I question the recommendation to focus Laurelhurst Community Center solely on programs for seniors. With capacity issues continuing at NE Seattle schools and Seattle Children’s Hospital residing and growing in our neighborhood, it would be hard to argue that Laurelhurst is not a place for children or that the needs of seniors take priority.


We love our neighborhood seniors. On my block we have several “adopted” sets of grandparents for my young children. Even as Laurelhurst residents, LCC would not be a convenient place them to get to a program. Few would be able to walk to LCC. If they were to take the bus, it would be easier for them to get to Magnuson or Northgate than LCC. So why make LCC a place to be exclusively utilized by seniors? Why not pilot the senior program at Magnuson which has the space, is conveniently located on the bus line, and has plenty of parking?



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