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Please keep our pools and community centers open even if more furlough days are necessary to keep costs down.


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    Community Member

    is it really necessary to heat the outdoor pools to 85 (or 94!) starting in May? Maybe the parks dept should think of covering it and/or solar heating

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    Community Member

    Consider raising the fees for using the pools. More furlough days.

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    Community Member

    As for the QA Wading pool, charge users a small fee to use it and keep it open 5 - 7 days a week...3 days is not enough!

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    Community Member

    A vibrant park system lowers costs in other sectors. Please preserve parks!

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    Community Member

    Why are you wanting to shut off community centers to the communities they serve? This is a HUGE loss to our city, community, kids, elderly, everyone. Stop taking things away that actually do good for the community and cut where there is access. Please keep Queen Anne Community Center open to the public and to the kids that use it daily. Where will these kids end up?? On the streets.

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    Community Member

    Keep our pools open and clean. Implement user fees to accomplish this. The demand for pools is enormous and will continue to increase as people age.

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    Community Member

    Community centers are vital. Pools not so much. User fees, such as a prepaid card, would help with pool maintenance.

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    Community Member

    Yes, the fees could certainly be raised for swimming. I use the pools, but I'm not sure why I shouldn't pay a competitive rate. I love swimming, but it's not a basic service the city needs to subsidize.

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    Community Member

    Our community centers are one of the few places children and adults can go to play healthy games and rely on organized activities. It is one of the reasons that people live in the city; to enjoy their neighbors. Shame on those that want to take this away from the next generation!

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    Community Member

    I meant to agree with this comment. The community centers and pools are the heart of our communities.

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    Community Member

    Please do NOT cut our parks systems or the people who run them. They are some of the hardest working people I have met on the payroll for the city and the work they do is incredibly important to keeping Seattle a city where people not only have a strong sense of community but also feel safe and like their city tax dollars actually benefit them. Cut other things and make smaller cuts where you can (like the above mentioned reduced heating in the pools) but DO NOT cut the most valuable resource this city has-its community centers and the staff who run them.

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    Community Member

    Do not cut staff from the community centers that provide vital services to the city. What other department interfaces more with the public to connect city government to everyday citizens? Even if it is more furlough days, even if it is pay freezes, even if it is cutting other benefits, keep the staff and resources of these centers available. A city that wants to pride itself on civic engagement cannot afford to lose ANY of these centers!

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    Community Member

    Please review the peak and non-peak hours and seasons that all community centers can decrease their hours during their usual low attendance periods. Furlough days are similar but also, sprien and summer evenings are non-peak times. If all CCs decrease their hours during this time then they could easily save money with the least amount of impact. Our children need their safe community center!