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stop having programs. programs are extremely costly for many reasons, but one of the reasons is because every time someone new comes into the scene, a new director, a new mayor, etc., then everything grinds to a halt to appease this new person with data. same with funders: many city workers spend half their time trying to (again) explain why their program is beneficial. time after time. if we, as seattle, believe that a certain service is important, then lets just offer that service, in house. it will save millions of dollars and city employees can spend their time giving quality services to the city, instead of being data-collecting paper pushers.


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    Community Member

    We shouldn't turn a program into a service just because the city can't figure out how to cost-effectively evaluate whether the program is working.

    Most businesses SAVE money by collecting and evaluating data. If city workers are spending "half their time" and millions of dollars collecting data, then this is a systemic data collection problem that needs to be fixed.

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    Community Member ( Idea Submitter )

    one of the problems here is a big one, while you compare it to a business, it is not a business nor run like a business. there is unfortunately a lot about the system that is economically bad from the beginning.

    the data being collected isn't to find out if the program is being cost effectively run or not. programs are only given so much money. it's more about seeing results from that money that has changed drastically. the way people want to see data is different. some of these employees are skilled are running a program, but may not be well versed in database creation and data trends and statistics.

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    Stop wasting money on rediculous curb projects in neighborhoods without sidewalks. Adding a curb here and there is not benefitting enough people to justify the cost. My family does not do home improvement projects when our income is down and neither should the city.

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    A revenue shortfall of $67 million out of a total budget of $900 million is 7%. First eliminate any fat from the programs offered by the city, then tell everyone who is left they have to cut 7% from their budget. Let each department figure out how best to do that. Let managers do their jobs.