Save Money Long Term

I suggest that when cuts are being made to the Parks Department that the Mayor makes a serious effort to not cut from Recreational Facilities and Programs along with Facility and Strucure Maintenance. I believe that these areas of the budget are important and will end up saving Seattle more money in the long run because more maintenance means that as a city we will be able to use our old facilities for a longer time and not waste money on building new ones. In terms of Recreational Facility and Programs the more we can do to keep children off the street the better. With more children in afterschool programs hopefully we as a city can decrease the number of kids who drop out from school as well as decrease the rate of crime commited by youth ultimately saving the police department money as well.


While it would be great to have no cuts, this is not possible in these economic times. Cuts must be made and I recomend that most of that money should come from the Boating Aquatics and Swimming programs.

I also feel that the Policy Direction and Leadership Department should be cut and to transfer some of its employees to the remaining departments to make the entire Parks Department run more effeciently.



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