Seattle should build transitional housing for the homeless

Seattle should build transitional housing for the homeless


During the 2010 Unsheltered Homeless Count, almost 3,000 people were sleeping outside. That does not include all of the people sleeping at shelters where they are evicted during the day.


There are not enough beds in the shelters for all of the homeless people in Seattle. You know that with all of these bank foreclosures and the bad economy, the homeless situation is getting much worse.


The city should create a shelter that can house ALL of Seattle's homeless population that currently do not have a bed at any shelter. PEOPLE DIE WHEN THEY SLEEP OUTSIDE!!!


The City of Seattle needs to create more transitional housing so that homeless people and their families do not have to stay at shelters.


Building transitional housing will create jobs! The city can convert all these empty buildings around town into transitional housing for the homeless.



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