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Secure funding for Seattle Community Access Network (SCAN)

Continue City of Seattle Funding of Seattle Community Access Network (SCAN) at the current level. SCAN is funded by the cable companies through negotiations with the City of Seattle. SCAN provides a unique and critical link between community and neighborhood activities and Seattle residents. Often SCAN is the only medium through which these voices can be heard.


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  1. Comment
    Community Member

    Public Access is one of the few places the average person without resources can create media and distribute to a variety of outlets including being seen on SCAN. It is a great group of people who assist those wanting to learn. The Youth Media Program is Awesome!

  2. Comment
    Community Member

    Scan provides access to alternative media and voices that you are not going to hear on corporate media especially when the war machine is pumping us up for an illegal invasion. Case in point: Check out what happened to Phil Donahue on MS-MBC when he featured people like Scott Ritter the UNSCOM weapons inspector who could prove there were no WMDs in Iraq. So you think MS-NBC is the antidote to Fox "News"? Think again.

    The absolute worst problem this country has is the media. Now is not the time to start cutting out those rare sources of alternative voices we so desperately need.

  3. Comment
    Community Member

    I agree completely! There are many other ways to make cuts that don't involve people's freedoms. One of the only places we have to get the real truth in the media is SCAN. There's hardly any place to hear good classical music these days and SCAN has a program on Thursday nights that features wonderful local concerts for those people who cannot get out to hear them live. They play pipe organ which no one gets to hear unless you go to church and we have an entire group of people who tune in every Thursday to hear it. Please do not cut this funding.

  4. Comment
    Community Member

    SCAN TV is the only reason I have cable TV. It's so unique and diverse - quite enlightening - with the best incisive news and commentary shows - I set my VCR to record several of these truth-seeking shows every week. Freedom of speech and press is vital to the appearance of a free society. Cut everything else before you dare to cut my SCAN connection to reality - (and some fantasies).

  5. Comment
    Community Member

    Aloha I agree, I'am a Television Producer on

    SCAN TV since October 7th 2000 And have produced

    close to 1,000 TV Shows On SCAN TV CH 77 & CH 23

    And Streaming Live in April 2010 SCAN TV Did a

    Online Survey from Television Viewers and between

    April-May 2010 the online survey was based on TRUE

    LOYAL SHIP Of Television Viewers throughout Seattle

    And Survey Says! The Hawaii Showcase TV Show is rated #8th Place and Viewed by Over 50,000 Thursday

    REACHING! The Pacific Islanders And SCAN TV is The



    Bill Nahalea

    Television Producer

    TT Productions Seattle

  6. Comment
    Community Member

    For 17 years I have been creating programming on SCAN (formerly known as Public Access). I feature many events, including local Cultural events (now with its own weekly series; 5pm Saturdays), that rarely receive more than 30 seconds of air time, if any, from the 6 local networks, and it is often THE ONLY voice an event, such as the Seattle Pride Parade (now airing the 2010 event, where the City Council & Mayor participated, hoping to get the Gay vote, yet are the one's continuing to cut the budget and currently deciding the funding for SCAN, the ONLY LOCAL station to air the entire Pride Parade) as well as 28 (and growing) different Seattle CULTURES that can be viewed for an hour or more! Local networks do NOT feature Seattle's diverse Cultural differences; "Adventure TV: Cultural Festivals" on SCAN does! SCAN must be fully supported as it truly is the PEOPLE's Channel!

  7. Comment
    Community Member

    SCAN is one of the very few places we can go today to see real television unhampered by big business. If you want the votes of real people then don't cut funding to the voice of the people. There are so many talented producers that contribute their time and talent to bring us great programming who's voices would be silenced. Programs like Adventure TV, Crescendo, High Bar are a connection to things that our community desperately needs. SCAN is THE important voice of the great Seattle community.

  8. Comment
    Community Member

    Freedom of speech is second only to being free to breathe. None of the many-channeled media here (or anywhere) allows true freedom of expression - except (public access) - SCAN TV. If the local government cuts the bare-bones' SCAN budget to inoperable levels, it is no longer a government of the people or for the people, and the Washington State Constitution(s) authorize its replacement even!

    Many of my friends and I are loyal SCAN Fans!

    We wish the shows were archived for On Demand - and that SCAN could be broadcast via Satellite on DISH - ADD Money to the SCAN budget for magnifying the Message of Free Speech.

  9. Comment
    Community Member

    Without SCAN....where are our communities going to have a voice? And access to media education? Which EVERYONE should have knowledge of?

    SAVE SCAN!!!

  10. Comment
    Community Member

    What the public needs to know is that the funding for SCAN-TV is NOT coming from the general city funds. Its operating monies are from dedicated Comcast franchise fees ALREADY RECEIVED from Seattle and King County area residents for the express purpose of providing public broadcast access under the federal legislation for Public, Education and Government (PEG).

    Here are the facts about SCAN:

    1. SCAN airs programming 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, for a total of 8,760 hours/year. Each season SCAN airs between 100 and 150 different on-going series. Programming addresses community interests, such as entertainment, music, the arts, education, self-help, health, politics, community issues, religion, spirituality, sports, and youth oriented. SCAN airs the nationally acclaimed Democracy Now as well.

    2. SCAN operates two television studios for public use. These are available 7 days/week. In 2009 studios were used 1,992 hours and approximately 30 on-going series were shot in the studios. Many one-time shows were filmed as well, as were public service announcements. SCAN staff help and mentor producers on how to use studio equipment.

    3. SCAN offers three edit suites for the public, where individuals can come in and edit their productions. These are also available 7 days/week. In 2009 those edit suites were used 2,357 hours. Most individuals and organizations cannot afford the state-of-the-art equipment and software that SCAN offers.

    4. SCAN loans cameras and other related equipment for producers to use; in 2009 this equipment was used for 17,682 hours. Again, many people cannot afford to purchase these cameras themselves. In fact, the highest camera usage is among refugee and immigrant populations, who produce shows such as Ethio Youth Media and Somali TV.

    5. In 2009, 641 adults attended SCAN classes. 167 youth participated in SCAN Youth Media programs. These individuals use their new skills to produce programs that air on SCAN, as well as using these skills in the workplace and in their further education.

    6. SCAN has anywhere between 100 and 150 active producers per television season. Many of those shows have up to 10 volunteers who help produce the programs.

    7. SCAN works with non-profit and community organizations to help achieve their missions; in 2009-2010, SCAN has partnered with 71 organizations.

    8. SCAN programs air in many different languages, addressing the interests and needs of many under-represented populations on television. These languages include Spanish, Amharic, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Somali; we are in discussions for a future program in Romanian.

    9. SCAN operates on a shoestring budget, $902,027 for 2010. In comparison, the Seattle Channel, which is a government access television channel, has a $2.9 million budget for 2010. This figure excludes the funds the Seattle Channel (a city-run broadcast to transmit only city-government meetings) receives for capital equipment.

    è It costs SCAN 47 cents per resident of King County to operate, whereas it cost more than three times as much for the Seattle Channel, at $1.53 per King County resident.

    SCAN is asking the public to use their voices and right of free speech to tell the City Council to reinstate funding for SCAN at the level of $650,000 annually. We are asking the City Council to ensure that public access television continues in Seattle and that free speech, a basic right guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution, is allowed to continue in Seattle.

  11. Comment
    Community Member

    My vote was to agree that SCAN TV is an essential media institution that gives voice to community concerns and interests. SCAN also makes accessible the tools, technology and training to local citizens that allow their voices to be heard. To take away SCAN's funding is nothing less than an effort to silence those voices, the same ones that elected what was supposed to be a progressive administration that would protect and expand institutions that communicate citizen concerns. Budget crisis come and go. Institutions that provide a direct service to any and every citizen who applies should not be destroyed. Paris Williams

  12. Comment
    Community Member

    The SCAN TV program on "Suicide" was very interesting with information that I had not heard before, I found it by flipping through cable channels. I would definitely like to keep watching this new found cable channel.

  13. Comment

    Seattle is the Most diverse place I have ever worked in the US! I Love working here and would not give up for anything. I LOVE SCAN and all my people here. We are a SCAN family, don't break us up. This is Seattle damn it, we want our Public Access.

  14. Comment

    I would hate to see this go- it is a huge asset to the Seattle community.

  15. Comment
    Community Member

    The loss of SCAN would represent a victory for the corporate fear engine.

  16. Comment
    Community Member

    I owe SCAN my debuts in the entertainment industry here in America. It was such a great experience and opportunity which I beleive played a major role in my further career development. Only a community entity such as SCAN can provide this kind of experience. It is a community treasure than must be saved.

  17. Comment
    Community Member

    SCAN allows all views to be scene and heard. Multiple ethnic and religious communities depend on SCAN. Even the non main stream political views are aired.

    SCAN is major bang for the bucks. Please continue to fund it and keep its beautiful diversity alive!

  18. Comment

    SCAN is a great way to sample the rich diversity of peoples that make the Seattle area home. Not only is it a source of news and views with which I agree, perhaps more importantly I have the opportunity to open my mind to those with whom I may have serious disagreements in a way that commercial TV/Cable networks, and even PBS, does not allow.

    This content does not for the most part originate in Board Rooms and Office Towers far away, but from within our very own community.

  19. Comment
    Community Member

    I strongly believe that now is NOT the time to let go of such a valuable community-building resource such as SCAN. These are tough times, but if we let go of these very fibers that keep us connected to one another and provide us with fresh, unbiased perspectives, we will fall harder and faster in this well of economic chaos and lose focus from the important issues at hand. Let us hold onto and nurture that, which is valuable to all of us.

  20. Comment
    Community Member

    Here's a link to recent SCAN program with three SCAN employees that explains why SCAN is so important:

    Part 1 -

    Part 2 -

    Part 3 -

  21. Comment

    SCAN's budget is less than 1% of the budget short fall yet it's loss would mean the loss of free speech tv in Seattle.

    It only needs $650,000 to opporate. That is a drop in the bucket compaird to the $67 million dollar budget short fall.

    SCAN's funding does not come from tax payers (it comes from Cable Franchise Fees paid by the cable companies like Comcast.

  22. Comment
    Community Member

    Could there be a better way to tell the community that their voice doesn't matter?

  23. Comment
    Community Member

    The fix is in. Puget Sound Access located in Kent is angling to take over access for all of King Co. They have been working on this for awhile. That is why when you read the budget it talks about outside bids. John Klockner, The current Executive Director made a presentation to DOIT and said they could run acces in Seattle for $100,000. PSA will be the only bidder, unfortunately PSA isn't interested in Public Access only Hockey. Also, it's a lie that SCAN doesn't have the current digital production tools available to residents, they don't use FILM!

  24. Comment
    Community Member

    I agree with the concerns of the city budget. However, eliminating funds should also focus on wasteful spendings. SCAN-TV is not one of those. SCAN-TV supports for free speech which our democracy is all about. As you may have acknowledge, creativity is what drives our strengths and the SCAN-TV have added a significant portion to support and explore the creativity in our youth.

  25. Comment
    Community Member

    When are we going to realize what a valuable source Public Access TV is??? Sheesh folks! I watch my municipal meetings how about you???

  26. Comment
    Community Member

    Keep Seattle's Public Access facilities and Opperator in Seattle! We don't want to OUTSOURCE it to Burien! Non of the producers are going to go to Burian to make a YOUTUBE style video. Don't outsource FREE SPEECH!

  27. Comment
    Community Member

    PSA does not represent Seattle and does not have the repore with the city of Seattle. It is not even in Seattle! I have been to their facility and they are unfriendly and un helpfull. Keep SCAN as the vendor for Seattle Public Access. It is in Seattle and it has the reputation and facility. It has the latest HD equipment.

    You should not only fund SCAN but you should give more money so that channel 77 is in HD.

  28. Comment
    Community Member

    I urge Seattle to continue to support SCAN and the work it does providing public access to the airwaves.

  29. Comment

    Seattle Public Access Channel is a highly valuable asset to our community by delivery quality, interesting and educational programs beyond the traditional offerings by mainstream media. It would be a big loss to our area and to our diverse community if SPAC's voice is quieted. Support it adequately for the future.

  30. Comment
    Community Member

    I thought it was the job of the Mayor and the City Council to make policy decisions. Eliminating SCAN is a policy decision. It is not a technology decision. What does the Mayor and the City Council want Public Access to be for the City of Seattle? What do the people want Public Access to be? Has anyone asked? Prior to eliminating the current configuration and outsourcing SCAN as the Public Access Manager, behind the back, I might think this to be an important policy discussion. This seriously raises for me issues of equity and inequality between the government channel and public access. Why should the public receive diminishing resources year after year Where is the commitment?

  31. Comment
    Community Member

    SCAN has shows such as Democracy Now, that carry real news that is not carried on the "public airwaves". We get it on Comcast. We could get it on the computer, but we'd have to get a new computer... and if/when Net Neutrality is defeated we will have no access to news. Where is PBS? KCTS? I gave them a donation but wish I had given it to FreeSpeech TV instead.

  32. Comment
    Community Member

    I checked the schedule for PSA a few days ago and it was all reruns of old movies. Nothing there was made in Kent! How can it be public access when there's no public making it?

  33. Comment
    Community Member

    This is our voice! And it's funded by franchise fees that are supposed to go to public access television -- LOCAL public access television. The funds need to go to what they're supposed to pay for and SCAN is doing a great job of helping everyday people become producers. This is television for the community and by the community! Don't withhold funds that are committed for that purpose and don't divert them to some other community. This is OUR community and we need to keep our voice!

  34. Comment
    Community Member

    The move to have an outside bidder (PSA) take over SCAN is an opportunistic political power grab, that appears to be illegal according to the cable franchise contract from which most public access funding comes - not taxes. Public access should remain public as contracted. $AVE SCAN as contracted.

    Clearly there should be $ome equitable funds from the multi-million dollar Seattle Channel (21) to keep its Sister Station, SCAN, breathing freely by and for Seattle's people.

  35. Comment

    We NEED public access ON THE TV because people watch local news and programing on their tv's and they watch everything else on the internet. I don't know anyone who watches local news on the internet. We've trusted SCAN to provide that for the last 20 years and would like to continue to do so!

  36. Comment
    Community Member

    Without SCAN it is the community who looses.

  37. Comment
    Community Member

    Scan is one of the few places where you can go and speak out without hard censure like it is in commercial projects. SCAN fully supports THE FIRST AMENDMENT. NO OTHER COMMERCIAL MEDIA SUPPORTS IT.

  38. Comment
    Community Member

    The Seattle Channel, with its low technical requirements, doesn't need professional lighting, PA system, and fancy camera angles. "Today a camera can take high definition video and you can buy it for $150 dollars," that is more than adequate to shoot the city council meetings that air on the Seattle channel, just ask Bill Schrier - the manager of DoIT, who has the ear of Mayor Mike McGinn. However, shows like "Bandish" require professional lighting, full PA systems, and state of the art camera switching boards to entice International Indian classical musicians to perform on their show. Or take the renowned entertainer Warren Etheredge, who hosts the High Bar on SCAN, do you think he would want to have a TV show if it was shot in a living room with a camera your grandma bought you for christmas?

    Besides, why would anyone want to watch Youtube on Channel 77, when they can watch locally produced, professionally made programming? I am surprised that a man, who's job it is to decide the fate of SCAN TV has never even been to the facility!

    For more from the man who wants to OUTSOURCE your local media and sell it as a youtube stream to Puget Sound Access in Kent, check out this news story on KING 5


  39. Comment
    Community Member

    SCAN is not funded by tax dollars. SCAN is funded with fees I pay on my cable bill each month. So, infact, the station is already funded and continues to be funded. Please use the fees I pay for SCAN (public access television) where they belong. Thank you.

  40. Comment
    Community Member

    Perhaps the mayor's people have a good idea, but they have gone about saving money all wrong. Operation of the government access channel should be turned over to SCAN who obviously work on a tighter budget than DoIT, eliminate the staff at the City Channel and and double the size of SCAN's budget. Millions of dollars saved, the citizens still have their channel, and former city employees can turn in cheap video phone stories about city government to the new efficient operator of both channels.

  41. Comment
    Community Member

    SCAN is a valued asset to our Seattle community and should be supported for the cultural, entertainment and informational values so well displayed. The programs enrich and broaden the sense of broader community experiences and value. Keep it on the air. Your support is vital.

  42. Comment
    Community Member

    Please do not cut SCAN! As someone who is disabled, a shut-in and unable to physically get out into the community, SCAN is my window on Seattle and the larger world. I cannot even tell you how much it means to me. Please, cut some $ from the Seattle Channel and give them to SCAN!

  43. Comment
    Community Member

    Please do not cut SCAN! As someone who is disabled, a shut-in and unable to physically get out into the community, SCAN is my window on Seattle and the larger world. I cannot even tell you how much it means to me. Please, cut some $ from the Seattle Channel and give them to SCAN!

  44. Comment
    Community Member

    Obviously BS of DoIT is not a good steward for a Mayor whose image is being further tarnished by DoIT's selfish recommendation to outsource SCAN and send it out to bid without adequate resources. One could ask what is BS's real objective?

  45. Comment
    Community Member

    SCAN is the only way we can get shows in our language. Dont cut it from the budget!

  46. Comment
    Community Member

    Please do not eliminate SCAN. It is a vital resource for those who would not otherwise have access to the media. Taking SCAN away would be silencing the voices of our community. Keep funding for SCAN!

  47. Comment
    Community Member

    In past years- we living in South King County were forced to pay "extra fees" to belong to SCAN. Back when scan had the lottery system ( Illegal on public access), we never once had a prime time slot there. Past experance with seeing programs on scan were not professional,were not of any "value" yet it was "local voices" with local concerns. SCAN has had several years to fly right- but it has not. I think that for scan to remain what it is is to say "it will and must be better". Better management, better money management, fair to all producers. Remember when Mrs. Suiter spent thousands of dollars on office desk? and not one dime for Producers, a set to use, virtual sets, nothing? Remember when running down employees was a job because no one cared? Well, that gave scan a black eye. Producers listen- You must step out of the box- do something that main stream media is not doing!!! Hey- my show on PSA aired the only debate with Referendum 71 with both sides on the table. KING, KONG,KIRO,etc did not do that. WE DID. Guess what, we had those same people wanting copies of the footage for news broadcast. CNN, was also in the line up. So yes, DO SOMETHING DIFFERANT!!! if you want scan to remain on the air-SHOW PROFESSIONALISM!!!! show the city it is worth the money-,

  48. Comment
    Community Member

    SCAN's annual budget is $902,000 which is an additional $252,000 over what is provided by the City of Seattle. SCAN annually raises $252,000, through donations and revenue raised through workshops, trainings, grants, production services and special events like the upcoming SCAN Awards on November 5th at the Rainier Valley Cultural Center. SCAN has been diversifying its funding base for the last four years.

    Puget Sound Access (PSA) funds are generated by the initial $4.7 million endowment to PSA from an earlier franchise. It is misleading at best to say that PSA has successfully diversified its funds when they began with an amount of funding more than 7.5 times larger than what SCAN started with, $4.7 compared to $750,000 which was the initial start up dollars given to SCAN through the City of Seattle. Oh by the way......did I mention that PSA has virtually no local programming on many days. I live in Tukwila so I watch PSA. I compare it with SCAN. Public Access is really about the local, YouTube widens distribution to a larger audience but Public Access allows viewers to communicate locally with each other. Public Access should be a place for divergent viewpoints and diversity. It should also be a place where the influence of big money and power can be countered by the people. SCAN is unique in its focus on the local aspects of community education and training that equipments children, youth and individuals with skills to become their own producers. SCAN then provides them with a distribution outlet, Comcast 77 and Broadstripe 23, to showcase what matters to them and their communities. SCAN is more than a Community Media System or a place to take in DVDs and then broadcast them by pushing play. SCAN is community; it includes you!

  49. Comment
    Community Member

    Please keep our station alive, it keeps Seattle vibrant and aware!

  50. Comment
    Community Member

    Is it true that in the Mayor's budget, the Dept. of Information technology (DOIT) took part of the cable francise fee monies from public access and diverted $400,000 to go towards upgrading the CITY's e-mail system??? Why and how is THAT possible? Is it also true that if the city's Seattle Channel had taken the same proportional overall budget cut of 14% as the DoIT overall budget that would equate to a cut of $409,737.16. That would be more than enough to pay for the e-mail upgrades in the City instead of practically eliminating Seattle's PUBLIC ACCESS channel SCAN.

    This sounds like misappropriation of cable access fees and usage to fund city employees' services to me. Stop taking the people's already paid and allocated cable franchise fees to grow MORE government, and give less PUBLIC access and voices!


  51. Comment
    Community Member

    Don't push SCAN into a forgotten plug and play corner - continue the funding so the voices of Seattle have a place to create and transmit, all in the same location.

  52. Comment
    Community Member

    I saw channel 13 last night and Mayor McGinn said that SCAN uses analog equipement. I don't think he even knows what that means otherwise he would have realized that the video of him that SCAN made during his campaign was made on digital state of the art equipment.

    I am a producer for SCAN and I check out their HD cameras all the time! The missinformation campaign that Bill Schrier has spread is disgusting.

    If the Coucil Members are serious about listening to the public I urge them to visit the channel and check out the equipment, editing suites, lighting, sound studios, and classes offered to the public.

    Do you think you can get all that with a $150 HD camera and youtube?

  53. Comment
    Community Member

    I relay on SCAN tv to provide me local news in my native language. It is the only channel on TV that has LOCAL news in Ethiopean languages.

  54. Comment
    Community Member

    The proposed budget reducing SCAN funding is in violation of Resolution 30867 (5/1/2006). The resolution states, "increasing the cable television franchise fee for the purpose of providing additional funding for SCAN" and was put in place by the Seattle City Council. The franchise fees should be used to fund SCAN in the way the City Council intended and the way the citizens are now requesting.

  55. Comment
    Community Member

    As a FYI To Our Seattle Television Community

    The Popular & National Television Show. The

    Science Guy With *Mr.Bill Nye* He Started On

    Public Access Television here in Seattle Ch 77 &

    Ch 29(Now SCAN TV) Comcast Ch 77 & Broadstripe

    Ch 23 and Streaming LIVE! www.scantv.org



    Bill Nahalea

    Creator & Executive Producer

    Hawaii Showcase Television

    Thursday 7:30pm

  56. Comment
    Community Member

    Please do not eliminate SCAN TV. I've been very fortunate since February or March 2009 to be a monthly guest on Blues To Do. Because of SCAN, I've learned how to feel comfortable while speaking on live TV. Without SCAN, I wouldn't have ever had that opportunity and like anything if you don't use it,(in this case talking to an audience live or watching on TV) you lose it.

  57. Comment
    Community Member

    Whit Scan TV you have something that you don't find in any other place, and I travel a lot. It's the best tool for youngster and older to learn about this media.

    Please keep Scan TV on the air, we don't want freedom to be amputate.

  58. Comment
    Community Member

    It is crystal clear to anyone reading the above comments that SCAN TV is a valuable and necessary community asset. It provides strength and vibrancy to the people of Puget Sound. Long live SCAN TV!

  59. Comment
    Community Member

    SCAN TV is a public treasure & enhances the feeling of community in Seattle- SCAN makes Seattle a much more vibrant, well informed & warm place to be-

    it's what puts the "town" into our big city!

    The feeling of community and well being is a real need. The more livable your city is thought to be, the higher property values are, the more people want to visit, the more people are willing to invest in that community... to reap you must sow and the city should be aware that eliminating SCAN's funding is a false economy---

    Protect & nurture SCAN TV & the Seattle Community! Thank YOU!

  60. Comment
    Community Member

    The Seattle Community needs Public Access SCAN TV!!! Please restore funding.

    Sonali Gulati

  61. Comment
    Community Member

    I don't understand why the Seattle Channel (i.e. the C-SPAN of Seattle) doesn't have to also increasingly come up with it's own money to survive the way they are expecting SCAN to do.

    SCAN tv is expected to year after year come up with it's own revenue sources until finally it is completely cut out of the revenue stream (until now have been paid for through cable franchise fees). However, SCAN is not allowed to advertise on its channel to generate revenue.

    The Mayor wants to turn SCAN into a for-profit Public Access TV Network (much like Puget Sound Access). This business model is at odds with the mission of free-speech tv and would in short order create a conflict of interest and ultimately dilute free-speech on the network.

    Keep SCAN funded so that it can retain it's mission to show unbiased unfiltered local programming free from the sway of corporate dollars.

    Seattle is unique and progressive, this a easy and cheap way to show the rest of the country, even in an economic downturn, free-speech can survive.

  62. Comment
    Community Member

    I believe we have strong leaders on the Seattle City Council...and my message to all of you is that YOU are the voice of the people, and we have placed our trust in all of you not only listen to all of these comments, but to FIGHT for our freedom of speech rights. SCAN TV is what America is all about...for race and social justice...for giving anyone an opportunity to share their skills/talents and "voices" - people of all ages, backgrounds, cultures...what a perfect vehicle you have in front of you through SCAN TV that TRULY reflects THE PEOPLE! FUND THIS PROGRAM...YOUR CONSTITUENTS HAVE SPOKEN!

  63. Comment
    Community Member

    Ditto for me. The restoration of full funding for SCAN will have to be appropriated by the City Council. It is obvious that DoIT is not telling the true and accurate story of how valuable SCAN is to the community. SCAN could be even more valuable if a real partnership between SCAN and a City Department like Arts and Culture could work in a mutually beneficial way to achieve more local programming and have the sufficient resources for capital upgrades of broadband and fiber optics.

  64. Comment
    Community Member

    Dear Council Members,

    The fate of Public Access TV in Seatle is in your hands right now. Keep the control in your hands. By allowing the city to "bid out" the channel will give the fate of the channel over to Bill Schrier and Puget Sound Access in Kent. That will be the end of any further control you as council members have over the shape and scope of Public Access TV in Seattle.

    I urge you to give SCAN another chance and use the power you now have as a chance to shape Public Access TV. Don't give up your control to Bill Schrier!

  65. Comment
    Community Member

    Why isn't the Seattle Channel also expected to find corporate sponsors and grants and ultimately become financially self sufficient the way Public Access TV is expected to?

  66. Comment
    Community Member

    The funding for SCAN comes from the public through our cable cost.It is democracy at its best. We watched Seattle channel get more and more funding to put the Mayor and City Council in front of the people. Now they have fancy studios, and is controlled by J.R. who seldom asks the hard questions that reflect the existence a diverse community.

    It is great to see this diversity stand up and speak out. The Mayor thought he had the limited English speaking in his pocket, he did not realize that when he got them to vote for him, that they might expect him to be considerate of their desires. They use SCAN TV.

  67. Comment
    Community Member

    If SCAN-TV is deep sixed, I think the thoughtful and intellectually curious viewers (who are also very likely voters) will remember at election time-

    who let it go - when they could have saved it. City council and Mayor McGinn, we will remember if you saved SCAN for Seattle!

  68. Comment
    Community Member

    THINK people THINK!! The budget crisis of Scan, is NOT ONLY SCANS fault, but the city. The City contract just might leave zero leverage for SCAN to raise further money, and outreach programs that would increase revenue. did you know that? If the CITY is not giving scan the LEVERAGE to raise more capitol no wonder why scan has been hurting, and now faces being locked up. Now that said, Three ideas.

    1.Why doesn't the City to SAVE MONEY-,allow the Seattle Channel and it's studios to overtake SCAN-,put then a second "Seattle /scan channel up" and for producers of Scan to use what the Seattle channel has? save money yes, have better quality of programs yes. It is a win win there.

    2.SCAN in past years has done nothing to insure quality programs airing. no training, no nothing.

    You want to set a good example of what scan is? Then produce professional programs.

    A. AND stop raising hell at city counsel meetings! Be Polite, Understanding. This is NOT the time to act out, but rather a time to be united.

    3.Scan has had major issues in the past with funding. Somewhere, someone did not save, did not plan. Each year Scan is on television-it looses money. Why? It is because via the city contract agreement it leaves scan with little chance to raise other money on it's own. Thus, it has been going down hill since. Rather than getting all upset that "beloved scan" maybe off the air, and going off on city counsel meetings... You should be asking them to look at the city contract. DOES IT GIVE SCAN ENOUGH LEVERAGE to raise money? LEGAL LEVERAGE? IF they say no- THAT is the problem.

    Guys, it is not just scans fault, but the city's fault. Getting upset at PSA is not productive either.

    PSA ( the only other access station in puget sound main land) is not the enemy. What is however-could be better said by looking at the CITY contract and SCANS contract agreement.

    PEG Public access Educational and Government. All three should share an equal share of total franshise fees paid. One is no "better" than the other. However the programs are nonetheless, that ONLY due to better cameras, better studio, etc.

    Give your self's a chance here guys-Look at what IS reallly going on.

    Lets see what happens next time at a city counsel meeting

  69. Comment
    Community Member

    Your above comment may be the solution for the future but right now the fate of public access tv is going to be determined by whether it is bid out or not. After SCAN is saved then it will be time to take a look at how to change it for the better.

  70. Comment
    Community Member

    Please, please,please keep Scan tv. It is the best thing going. As the CEO of Scan said last night,$625K is nothing after all the bills are paid throughout the year. Why doesn't the Gov. & Mayor lower all the huge salaries of our politicians and themselves and we would free up thousands & thousands of dollars to help us out. Instead, the mayor whom we stupidly elected is trying to close community centers and make them into places where 5 year olds can make movies. Just what we needed. Instead of a place where hundreds of people can go to do all kinds of activities, he wants to close them. Then he's trying to add more bike lanes to clog up the streets that are already clogged to capacity. This isn't Portland mayor. Who is he really working for. Kind of looks like rich yuppies with aspiring 5 year old movie proucers and friends who just have to ride bikes to work. I mean really, how many construction workers do you see riding a bike to work. HELLO!!! Have his close friend Paul Allen quit ruining our poor, beloved Seattle and put all those millions of dollars into something we can all use, not just his rich buddies. Wake up Seattle or we will be called Allensville. Remember the movie "It's a Wonderful Life" Mr.Potter who owned the bank soon owned the whole town and it was renamed Pottersville. HELLO!!! Please everyone call or write someone to save our Scan TV.

  71. Comment
    Community Member

    please save scan. its a wonderful platform for free speech. people of seatle need it desperatly. please do not let the hard work and dedication of people of seatle go in vain.

  72. Comment
    Community Member

    Please keep SCAN TV on the air and not financed or controlled by corporations. It's one of the few outlets where we can hear the truth. "Democracy Now" has enlightened me often. The series investigating 9-11 is a must-watch. The official story we've been given is absurd. Almost everyone believes it though because they've never heard anything else. And where else can we learn about the varied cultures in the area. It's unique and important.

  73. Comment
    Community Member

    Does DoIT speak for itself or does it speak for the City of Seattle? Is the City of Seattle willing to let a bunch of DoIT and CTTAB guys short on reflecting diversity and scarce in understanding cultural competency and community engagement define for the City what an RFP should reflect? How about that amount, $100,000? $100,000 pales in comparison to the $2.7 million designated for the Seattle Channel and the $634,000 for Administrative Salaries for 2.75 FTE.'s in the Office of Cable Communication. How are the capital needs to be met in this new model. Franchise fees specifically identify the requirements for capital upgrades. Why do we continue to marginalize the needs of certain groups and people including ESL speakers,and those without resources to purchase their own equipment? Is YouTube interactive, does it allow for live programming or does it help build community? I do not think so.

  74. Comment
    Community Member

    I like Scan-TV because you never quite know what will be on next. There is a huge diversity of subject matter and the amount that it costs to keep this going is minimal compared to what we get. So I am in total support of directing some money for this worthwhile project.

  75. Comment
    Community Member

    I pay my monthly cable bill which includes a franchise fee. Is it possible to do what United Way does and designate it specifically for Public Access? This is where I want my money to go, Public Access, Not DoIT or the Seattle Channel.

  76. Comment
    Community Member

    How can anyone of any credibility in local government even consider wiping out its only public access TV station - that was costing just 1/4 of its government channel - probably with a viewership of 4 times the Seattle channel?? Let's talk priorities, cost-effectiveness, equity, and accounting. Why should it cost so much for the Seattle Channel and so little for our only public access communication? Logic would dictate that the Seattle Channel could survive if it would share about 1/5 of its budget to it with its skin & bones little sister SCAN. For the appearance of serving the community (the people) DoIt and the City must keep free speech and public access alive and well nourished. SAVE SCAN!!

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    Community Member

    Say, there is one SCAN show program title that sorta sums up the situation with Seattle and Comcast corp. =

    "Truth vs. NEW$, Inc." ( 5 & 10 PMs on Thurs.]

    It's been said, by some money mogul that "There is no money in Truth." Seems that is the Truth here!

    Ex Pres Bush once said something like "Money trumps Truth."

    If there is no room for Truth or Free Speech in this City's new budget, what is the rest of it worth??

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    Community Member

    This year the sponsor of the 4th of July fireworks dropped it. Within a week, the people of Seattle rallied and a new sponsorship group put on the peoples 4th of July party - and it was great for the 20 minutes it lasted - a $500K Chinese-made blast - to show our financial independence.

    Seattle has funds enough to feature a Gay Pride Parade, a Solstice Parade (which I like) and some other people events. These last for hours. I don't know how much they cost the city directly.

    SCAN is funded by Comcast viewers, with minimal moneys from Seattle to broadcast 24/7/365.

    Now, if the many groups that paraded with such pride this summer could rally and raise more money to fund their event(s), Seattle should be able to squeeze out (or reapportion) enough funds to keep the voices of freedom, diversity, and truth alive for its people through its unique public access channel that reaches world-wide on the net. www.scantv.org.

    Looking at $500K for 24/7/365 vs. 20 minutes.

    Such a daily deal for nearly 500K people.

    SCAN must survive in some form.

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    Community Member

    Dear City Council Members:

    I acknowledge the difficult budgetary conditions that currently exist, and the need to cut back where ever possible. As a Comcast cable subscriber, however, I pay a monthly fee dedicated for the local access channel (SCAN tv). These monies are not intended for general fund usage. Leaving this fee in place and substantially cutting SCAN’s budget represents a gross misappropriation of funds. Any cuts to SCAN should rightly be accompanied by service fee reductions. Rerouting those funds for general use takes unusual license with targeted fees.

    In the lopsided media information provision, SCAN has become an important voice for local and national community issues. The service SCAN provides is not redundant, rather it fills a niche vacated by mainstream media.

    Faced with the proposed option, the substantial defunding of SCAN will lead to me discontinuing my cable service. This will not benefit Comcast, SCAN, the City of Seattle, or me, yet such loss of service reduces my benefit below that of the subscription fee.

    I respectfully request that the council rethink this funding cut and the consider the concomitant consequences to all agencies.


    Don Rimmer

    Seattle, WA

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    Community Member

    SCAN TV is doing a great job in our community. It is fantastic blessing and should be kept in it's current state indefinately. KEEP SCAN TV >>!!! With all the gray and gloomy months here in the NW, the people need an outlet to express themselves,be a part of the local flavor, and stave off depression.. It will help keep drug and alcohol use down, as most of the people around here are victims of S.A.D.-(seasonally affected disorder) and need to express themselves-I, for one...Thank you!