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We Can Close Seattle's Budget

We have been meeting with Washington EDA's regarding financing of large projects and recently we have been working with the Colorado State Treasury Office & North Carolina's Financing Authority. California just announced a Sale-Lease Back of CA State office buildings ($1.3 Billion in assets). We can help Seattle to structure a similar type of equity to cash funding program (where in Seattle will not actually have to sell their assets). We have the mechanism in-place to underwrite such a program in under 120 days. We can easily free up more than enough cash to close your budgets and then some. We are located in Seattle. (Some of the WA people we have been meeting with: Egles Milburgs, WEDA, Senator Kastama, State Rep. Norma Smith, Brian Surrat Seattle EDOC). We would be happy to discuss our program with the council at your earliest opportunity. You can contact us at 206-257-2200 or email: bglaves@evergreencapholdings.com Regards, Bradley Glaves, President Evergreen Capital Holdings, LLC



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