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Work something out with the communities but not with taxes. Do s

I will start out by saying...Don't cut the future short. It's here now!!! We can see it!! in those little toddlers...We were there once, our children were there once. Now for me it would have to be great- grandchildren but the way the world is, show some care and happiness in the little ones. It may be the only time in their lives for some of them that they wikll know sheer happiness. Going to the park, being with other children in play. To cut this short, don't let money be the measuring stick...Let love step in. Give it to the communities..Work out a deal that parents can give a tad more to only this program...I would do that even on social security because I care about the younger generation...Hope for this world may lie with them...


Greenlake community is where my children were raised and they have wonderful memories of swimming and canoeing...My grandchildren loved the play area. Also, I managed on a shoestring but hapiness is part of a healthy person...


Dorothy Richey



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