cyclist safety

I really don't mind having pedestrian and bicycle updates done, but if your going to spend that much on a project to keep cyclists safe then, just like everyone who drives a car has to take a driving test to get a license to drive, it should also be mandatory for cyclist to take some kind of safety and riding course and test. I have seen so many cyclist break the law when riding their bikes and not sharing the road that you have to ask yourself, "Who needs to share the road?" I say that because they preach it, but they don't do what they preach. And then you wonder who should be the blame for most cyclist who get ran over. So anyway, one way for cyclist to be safe is that they should have to take a course on how to follow the rules of the road just like drivers do, but of course a cyclists edition and then they should have to pass a test before getting a permit to ride their bicycle on city streets. This should be mandatory everywhere in the state of Washington.



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