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Cut all employees overtime to ZERO. Dont do any street projects on the weekends...


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  1. Comment
    Community Member

    So, when the power goes out and the cops need to direct traffic 24/7 until it's restored, that doesn't happen?

    When the 3 foot snowstorm hits, and OT needs to be paid to the snowplow operators because it's 2 am on Sunday morning, that doesn't happen?

    Cities have to deal with emergencies, and often emergencies happen during OT hours.

    Now, if we're paying OT for normal operations, you're right. We should hire extra persons rather than pay OT for normal operations.

  2. Comment
    Community Member

    for normal program, believe me, no one is getting approved for overtime. it's true, it would all be in emergency situations.

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    Community Member

    How much do the police make in overtime when they direct traffic at construction sites in the city? Allow construction companies to hire their own traffic directors in the city. Other cities allow this and amazingly, traffic flows just as well with non-police personnel directing.

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    Community Member

    Some overtime is required, such as for emergencies. Other overtime allows crews to work with a minimum of interruption to businesses and the public. This helps the businesses stay open and operating.

    The pay system for the majority of City workers makes overtime a lucrative means of earning extra pay. There are no incentives to completing work on time and within budget. Some employees may hold back on work in order to earn the overtime.

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    Community Member

    OT should be looked at for those that make above $125K. There are a small group of people pulling $25-$80 in OT alone. About $18M work of OT in 2009. Seems that the work could be spread to more of the unemployed or those getting ready to be cut. Those are huge OT wage bonus'.

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    Community Member

    There are 348 employees who made over $30K in overtime pay in 2009 according to http://lbloom.net/xsea09.html. That seems excessive however you look at it.

  7. Comment
    Community Member

    It's not excessive if you remember that the city is a political work environment, where decisions are made quickly and when it reaches the workers, the work is due YESTERDAY. There is a lot of pressure on employees to meet sometimes unrealistic timelines given by the higher-uppers.

  8. Comment
    Community Member

    And many times employees work over-time because their managers are terrible, and can't manage well, and trust me, over-time is still getting paid to people, that shouldn't be getting it.

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    Community Member

    Those officers you see at construction sites are not being paid by the city. They are hired by the companines to direct traffic. As for officers directing traffic at Seahawks, Sounders, and Mariners, they are being funded by those organizations. Do your homework.

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    Community Member

    overtime doesn't say it all. some positions are understaffed so the only way to fill them is with overtime.

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    Community Member

    Managers should never be paid overtime. Their salary should cover whatever their performance plan says they need to accomplish whether they're highly effective and efficient or slugs. Product not process should be rewarded. Merit pay for overachievers. Overtime for work crews in emergencies are fine. But you better be on the street.

  12. Comment
    Community Member

    Merit pay for overachievers? Are you serious? The city workers belong to unions and unions will never allow one employee to be rewarded for working harder than another employee.

    Hmmmm. Let's start by getting rid of unions for public employees. That would save a fortune.

  13. Comment
    Community Member

    Perhaps the 40 hour work week for this group should be modified to hours that are conducive to getting the work done without getting paid overtime. Police Fire and overnight employees are not paid overtime for working outside of the "9 to 5" window. Technology and safety has increased since the 1960's when these rules where put in place. Let's talk with the union and get with the times.