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The Department of Neighborhoods Director gets paid a 6 figure salary, besides this person there are 2 other employees in this same Department making 6 figures. Does anybody doing what these 3 people do at Neighborhoods, really require getting paid $100,000 a year? Please cut their pay or cut them.


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    While we are at it, let's take a look at every City employee making $100,000 a year or more, in every Department, and either cut their pay or cut them. I guarantee many of these people are not vital or essential to running the City, and I fear many of them do little more than sit at a desk all day sending out unnecessary emails and waste time taking unnecessary meetings. If they truly cared about City Government they should be willing to take a reasonable pay cut, instead of getting rich and cutting the people at the bottom.

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    Let's look at a market-rate salary structure! That way, we pay what's expected. If we want to keep good employees (and we do), then we need to pay them a reasonable (market-rate) wage. If we pay too little, we get high turnover; if we pay too much, we don't get enough work for the wage.

    Market rate is the solution.

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    The Department of Neighborhoods creates enormous value throughout the City by leveraging the time, energy, and funds of volunteers and community supporters to make myriad improvements that affect the daily lives of our citizens. Is there a more efficient or cost-effective way to run the department? Maybe. But targeting salaries in one department is not the answer.

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    Since the director came in she pleged to make a "flat" organization and then added more layers of management and less working staff! Lay off the managers BEFORE you lay off the folks who are the eyes and ears of the City. How often do managers even interact with residents???

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    Volunteers can do what they do w/o guidance from bureaucrats they never meet. One director and people at community centers should do it. I've never met a manager who didn't want an org chart and staff meetings. Salary should be based on performance plans,responsibility, and achiements, not job titles and tenure.

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    I agree and suggest a total review of all the pay of mid to high level managers. I was shocked when I found out how much a friend of mine makes working for the city. It is a shocking amount, close to $150,000. No one is worth that much, especially in the mess we are in now and when we are closing libraries. It's not like this person has some amazing experience or reputation. It is just way too much money. So it leads me to believe that there are a lot more positions like this that are way overpaid. Do a serious salary review and get these people on something that passes the laugh test. Maybe $75,000 for this position. Get enough of those and you have some real money saved.