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Alki Community Center proposed closure

I suggest that closing the Alki Community Center is not the right approach to fixing budget problems. The community center is used by families to keep kids safe, bring community together, and supplement the Alki Elementary School programs (for example, the shared gym). Go to skating night on a Friday and see children getting active, parents skating with kids, and the whole community meeting up, to see what I mean. Alki Community Center is an important resource for my whole family, not just for our daughter (who attends Alki Elementary) and we would be devastated to see it close. Alki Elementary School relies on the community center, not just for the gym (and we have perhaps one of the best gym programs in the state, winning the Governor's Health Challenge two years ago), but also for the before and after school care, and the excellent programs the community center puts out.


Cut programs that AREN'T working. This program is working. Please don't close the Alki Community Center.



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