Human services

Cycle/culture of indigent lazy people

Kick out lazy 3rd and 4th generation public housing occupants and rent to people who are willing to pay their fair share. There are plenty of fruit picking jobs and housing in warmer states where they can go. For every 5 unwed mothers or deadbeat dads, 4 can pick fruit and the 5th can babysit the spawn of the next indigent generation, (opps, maybe if the spawn see the reality of how truely hard it is to live at the bottom of the ladder they will actually strive to improve themselves). I don't want my tax dollars going for fancy new public housing for lazy people while my 93 year old school teacher, 50 year tax paying mother has to spend down her life savings to go in an iffy, second rate medicaid nursing home. Also no food stamps just hand out sacks of rice and beans. They'll get the idea. Atleast no food stamps for chips and pop and candy and......



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