Economic development

Do we really want to punish our customers for shopping downtown?

To raise the price of the parking meters upto $4.00/hr will force patrons to shop outside of the city of Seattle!!! Huh? Can someone explain to me why the city wants to penalize the small business owner (which by the way, employs over 75% of the work force) and the customer for shopping in the dowtown area? Do we not have enough vacant leases already? Why should I renew our lease in our two downtown locations if you make it so costly for the business owner and the customer? This is not budgeting, this is penalizing. Isn't this a time where we are looking for economic recovery? Can anyone answer any of these questions? Why don't we look to going after people and independant businesses who only take cash and don't pay their taxes!There are hundreds of thousand of independant service businesses who don't pay any taxes at all!!!



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