Incentives for homeowners with open bedrooms to help homeless

Develop a program to connect people who own their homes and have rooms empty with people that need a place to stay. Right now a lot of people are having trouble making their mortgage payments, and many of them have empty bedrooms. There could be a financial incentive for the homeowner and there would be more beds for people who desperately need them.

There are programs to connect with landlords with apartment buildings, however, I think helping people in need of financial assistance that also want to help their communities and care while at the same time getting someone off the street and into a home, it's like killing two birds with one stone.

Plus for many who are homeless because of a domestic abuse situation, there will be many more options for them if they need to get away from the area. If homes all over Seattle were open and ready for the needy, we would be helping two huge populations in Seattle.



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