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Laurelhurst Community Center-closing to the public?

Do you know how many kids love the laurelhurst community center? Mine do! They'd much rather go there and play and make friends then Mcdonalds and eat hamburgers or stay at home playing video games. It makes my kids want to be social and active where is we cant commute elsewhere because we only use one car due to economic hardships. Where are the kids that cant get on a bus or get in a car go if you close it? We cant make it up to northgate or ravenna, or madison park. I want to see this stay open. I am a registered voter, we pay our taxes, we gave you the community center and you guys got a 2.9 million levy to expand that center so you can take it away? How am I going to stay in shape and see my friends of you take the classes away and what about the annual traditional halloween parties? This halloween will be ruined. Thats a family tradition. Please dont turn this into a satellite senior center. I love the seniors and I understand you have tough choices to make but this is not something that should be considered lightly. Think of how many kids grow up changed or staying out of trouble because of the center or a place like boys and girls club. We need one and its a staple in the community that if you take it away will affect the lives of many. This will not be turned into a private facility that was not the agreement! We gave that to you and now you want to re-do the playground equipment but then shut it down? It doesnt make sense. Please keep it open to the public and to our children. Please!



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