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Please Save the Laurelhurst Community Center

Please Save the Laurelhurst Community Center!!!



Dear Council Members,



As a new parent in the Seattle area, we ask that you please do whatever you can retain current funding for the Laurelhurst Community Center, to enable it to support the neighborhood and surrounding community.


We moved to the area from San Francisco, as parents committed to raising our daughter in an urban environment and found a home in the Laurelhurst community, just ten minutes from downtown’s hub, allowing us to work in the city of Seattle and have the best of urban living in a beautiful setting.


One of the great features of the neighborhood for us was our vibrant community center, which serves as the hub of the community, allowing us to meet our neighbors and acclimate to living in Seattle. This institution serves vital needs of the community in every age group, including classes for children and the elderly, and the thought of being open only 15 hours of week and drastically altering its offerings to local families is devastating.


If the hours are so dramatically cut, many creative, educational, sports and community programs for families in our neighborhood will disappear overnight. As a young family with a five year old who loved meeting new neighborhood friends at the Community Center sponsored Ice Cream social and is eagerly anticipating the Halloween Carnival, the idea of losing these key community activities that bring our neighborhood together is heartbreaking. This decision to cut funding has the unintended consequence of making it very hard to get to know our new community and participate fully. Going to other centers for these opportunities will be difficult for our family.


We know cuts must be made, but please let the Laurelhurst Community Center continue serving our community.




Scott, Rachel and Sophia Hines



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