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Queen Anne Community Center

Please reconsider using the QA community center as a production studio. I think the Bizkids program is an outstanding one (our kids need creative educational opps around finances) and I appreciate the creative thinking about how to generate new income for the city budget. BUT - our community center is not the place for this show to be produced. AND, as important as it is for our kids to learn about finances - it is even more critical that their bodies are healthy. Please don't use a space designed to promote physical health as the location to produce more TV (even if it's good TV). There are numerous other reasons not to use this space for a TV studio - it is a community meeting space that brings together folks of all ages; there are numerous programs already in existence at the QACC that would be displaced; it is a tremendous resource for families on budgets - especially during challenging economic times; there are other city owned sites that are underutilized that could house the Bizkids production company and still bring in new revenue to the city. Thank you for your consideration.



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