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Quit remarking bicycle lanes and slowing traffic

I have written the mayor and city complaining about the reductions in traffic lanes from the Magnolia district to the I-5 Freeway entrances. I objected to the reduction On Mercer Street access from 3 lanes in each direction to accomodate the Paul Allen wishes at the South end of Lake Union and the reduction on Nickerson Street from two lanes in each direction to one lane in each direction and bicycle paths. The responses from the city traffic people were that their studies indicated no loss of automobile capacity. I consider this response an insult to common sense. The money spent on Nickerson street to modify the traffic lanes was a waste. I travel this street frequently at all hours of the day, and have yet to see a bicycle in the bike lanes.....I do see cars piled up at the stop lights to the extent the long single file line up cannot get through on a stop cycle. In the past when two shorter lanes of traffic were at a stop light, all cars could get through on a stop cycle.


The described change has resulted in a lot of lost time and cars running at idle waiting to get through the lights. Way to Go Seattle! Brag about bicycle paths while wasting gas.


I understand the planned waterfront tunnel will have no access off of 15th Ave. NW for Magnolia district.citizens. They will have to go North of the ship canal to enter the tunnel, which will only provide 4 lanes instead of the six lanes now on the viaduct. Crazy.


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