Effective government

Start with Over-Paid employees first

Please consider cutting the pay or laying off higher level employees who make $100,000+ a year, and are not essential to running the City. I suggest by doing so you could save many employees jobs who actually offer "direct services" to the public. Using the list on this website for reference:


Look at the neighborhoods department for example, how can they have several staff making $100,000 or more a year? That staff cannot be equally as vital as the Police and Fire department staff making similar pay. The director of neighborhoods earned $140,285 last year? I'm sure someone would do that job for $70,000 a year -if they truly cared about the community more than their pay. There seem to be too many over paid employees in all departments and I'm concerned that since they are at the top, they are the same people in charge of suggesting what to cut to the Council (and they are not even looking at themselves/their pay as an option).



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